• The goods are the property of the buyer as soon as they leave our warehouses.
  • We are not liable for delays in delivery.
  • The carriage of the goods is always at the buyer's own risk, even when the delivery is made freight prepaid.
  • Should the buyer wish to claim for an incomplete or incorrect order, this should be reported within a maximum period of 8 days. After this time has elapsed with no claim made, then the supply shall be understood to have been accepted.
  • The delivery date is approximate and is not exempt from delays due to unforeseen circumstances, whether these are related to our company or to our suppliers. Such circumstances are understood to include: a lack of materials; strikes; power cut outs; transport service disruptions, etc.
  • No freight haulier's delivery note should be signed without first checking the material received. In the event of missing or damaged goods, the buyer must claim damages from the freight haulier. The customer must never return any goods sent, without the authorisation of Turbos Europe.
  • Turbos Europe may make partial deliveries of the orders placed by the buyer.
  • Turbos Europe has no obligation to insure the goods, with the exception of those cases in which the customer has explicitly requested this in writing. The charges and the need to specify the risks to be covered by the insurance, shall be for the Customer's account.
  • When the buyer has given no specific instructions, we reserve the right to select the most appropriate means of transport.


  • Our remanufactured and our new turbos have a 2 year warranty.
  • The warranty comes into effect as of the delivery note date for the order in question.
  • To make a claim under warranty, the customer should contact Turbos Europe as soon as the fault is detected.


  • Should the turbo need to be replaced, this shall be supplied by Turbos Europe or as considered appropriate.
  • In the event of a breakdown resulting from a remanufacturing defect, the spares for the repair shall be delivered to Turbos Europe in order for the warranty to come into effect.
  • Transport charges for the damaged material shall be for the account of Turbos Europe, although these may be subsequently invoiced if the said warranty claim is not accepted.
  • The review of the turbo warranty must take less than 3 months from the date on which it is received in our warehouses.


  • All orders accepted are directly and exclusively governed by the terms of these present conditions.
  • Each order implies full acceptance of our standard terms of sale. The buyer is not permitted to make any claim against the standard terms of sale.
  • Any statement made by representatives or employees is not binding on Turbos Europe if not confirmed in writing from our head offices.
  • Orders received shall be immediately binding on our customer, who shall be sent our confirmation.
  • All articles not included in our normal production shall be considered as production to order.


  • The price list and special offers are not binding on Turbos Europe, and may be changed without prior notice.
  • The right of ownership of the products supplied is only transferred to the buyer once full payment has been made to Turbos Europe. The risk of product loss or damage is transferred to the buyer as soon as the goods are sent from the Turbos Europe facilities to the buyer's address.
  • For accepted orders, payments must be made at our domicile, in accordance with the established terms and conditions and must not be delayed or suspended without due cause. Failure of the buyer to comply, even partially, with the agreed terms of payment shall fully entitle us to suspend or cancel pending deliveries, with no damage whatsoever.
  • The buyer agrees with Turbos Europe to submit any disputes that may arise over the interpretation or failure to comply with these terms and conditions, to the jurisdiction and authority of the courts and tribunals having jurisdiction over Turbos Europe, with express waiver of any other venue to which they might be entitled by virtue of domicile or otherwise.


  • Labour, travel and crane expenses or expenses caused by vehicle immobilisation, oils, anti-freeze, coolants, must be replaced in the event of a breakdown.
  • Labour rates not accepted by our Technical department.
  • Any failure or breakdown caused by not having performed the maintenance inspections within the time frame indicated in the vehicle maintenance instructions.
  • Turbos Europe shall in no event travel to make any on-site repairs under warranty.
  • Public service vehicle (ambulances, taxies, police cars, driving school cars, delivery vans, funeral cars, etc.).
  • The replacement or repair of parts due to normal vehicl wear, or due to manufacturing or assembly defects recognised by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Failure or breakdowns resulting from vehicle negligence or misuse, or the use of components not approved by the manufacturers. Neither shall warranties be covered if the replacement has not been made following the instructions set out in the Technical Information Sheets.


  • The total or partial manipulation of the turbo, without the prior written authorisation of our Technical Department.
  • When a mechanical or electronic manipulation has altered the original engine power, characteristics or performance.
  • When the Turbo exhibits overheating, a low oil level, or premature wer caused by vehicle misuse or abnormal operating conditions, or due to use in all types of sports competitions.
  • When the Turbo failure is due to components mounted on the Turbo, or external accessories in poor condition or incorrectly mounted on the engine, such as leads or water or oil connections.
  • When the Turbo exhibits oil or coolant leaks from seals or joints caused by excessive over-heating.
  • When the material is damaged due to the omission or misuse of vehicle control items such as indicator lights on the dashboard or the inefficiency of the same.
  • Due to the vehicle sale, transfer or change of ownership.
  • Whenever stipulated by the Technical Department due to the omission of information, or some type of customer attempt to deceive with regard to mileage history, manipulation of the same or any data or relative importance, when compiling information on a breakdown. If such non-compliance was made with the clear intent of harming or deceiving the company, the latter would be freed from all warranty services.

Turbos Europe Trading Company S.L is adressed in Paseo de la ermita 10, Elcano.